In the aftermath of the Apollo 21 and STS-97B spaceflights, the President of the USA launches an ambitious investigation, leading first to the Bermuda Triangle, and then - finally and ultimately - to the Moon.

However, what no one knows is that deep down Area 51 other plans are in the works and led by Bruton Schwartz, a four-star General who is ready to risk it all in a race against an enemy who is his very own President....

Filled with riveting action and suspense, SOYUZ S is the final book in a trilogy of spaceflight thrillers written by Frank Hogan.

Writer’s Digest on APOLLO 21: "Author Frank Hogan has a definitive style that is both appealing and a pleasure to read. His contagious enthusiasm leaps from the page in this well researched and suspenseful read. The plot is filled with unexpected twists, making APOLLO 21 hard to put down. (...)"